Monday, 26 February 2018

Explainer Videos Can Boost up Conversions – Know More

Conversion matters with videos contributing 25% more conversion rate than any other medium. You can create an impactful sales promotion video with the best features of your product highlighted in the most appealing manner. This can be done through both motion graphics animation and info graphic. These can be done in the most tactful manner so as to promote business and bring you leads. You can make the CTA call for more business to you by adding stuff like ‘subscribe’, ‘Sign In’ and ‘e-mail’ to the video.

It is right in front you- The power of visual recall. Companies take every possible measure to promote their business and are now using video marketing explainer videos to their rescue. A successful landing page should target not only your desired customer, but also indicate a specific action they should perform to lead them further into your campaign or sales funnel.

Video creation services are one proven technique for lead generation and better marketing with brand promotion. Get into the habit of going deeper into things before accepting the reality which can be superficial at times. Going viral with just uploading explainer videos and promotion materials is not enough.

Sharing on social media like Facebook post that you make does not end the story there itself. The image or video posting get visibility and also get likes and shares. But there is more to it, which leads you to the insights page where you can get the status of where your video stands and how it is doing after going viral. You can check for views coming for the video, country from where we can see maximum visitors to the video and other actionable statistics and keep changing depending on the number of views and likes. Uploading your corporate explainer video in Facebook business page or creating a YouTube channel is therefore, the key determinant towards making a video popular so as to generate higher returns.

Explainer Videos are the ideal options today to get maximum clicks to the company website of your business. Whether a startup or established business, explainer video are must for effective brand promotion. Silver Bazel is into creating captivating explainer videos that targets your potential market. Have something to ask?  E-mail at Contact +91 8881 380 380 to get an instant quote today.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Get Gainful with Explainer Videos

Explainer videos help you gain the most out of the promotional efforts you make. You go with what clicks and that is to get an corporate explainer video for your business and use it to the optimum measure possible. But have you ever questioned yourself about the ‘Who’ ‘What’ ‘Why’ of your business? These in fact are the three key questions that you will have to answer in the video you are creating for your business.

Know your audience for whom you will be conceptualizing the idea that you think will click for the sales pitch to work for you. Assessing about your target audience and what will most probably influence them to watch the video is the first clever step taken towards successful video marketing with animation.  You will have to give them solutions to the problem they might be facing and how the product is the ideal problem solver for it.

What is that one thing which will make your video distinctively unique? Are you well researched on the problem and the solution? The product features defined or explained in the promotional explainer video should be such that it should very well answer the question as to what is that one thing which will make the audience glued to the video.

Why would someone be interested in the product showcased in the explainer video? Try to bring out the unique traits of the product and think from the audience perspective and present the product and promote in the most unique manner. Try to choode your production company as wisely as possible.

Silver Bazel explainer video company thinks out of the box with solutions that will give that ‘Wow’ element and will answer the ‘Who’ ‘What’ ‘Why’ of your business. The team that works on the video production will look into all aspects that will make your video run for the money invested on it and give you good returns. Visit to know more on the steps to unique explainer video creation. Call us at +91 8881 380 380 and likewise you can email queries at   

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Explainer Video- Simple Methods to Assess your Videos Performance

Are you aware of your videos performance? Uploading a corporate explainer video is not the end of the story. Uploading of the video is just the start as you have more work after it. The next important thing is to make certain how well your video is doing on the charts and how well it reflects user interaction to the optimum level.

The person, who uploads the business explainer video, needs to gather information from the statistics available on the performance of the video. Based on that information you should optimize your video both the past and future ones.

Watch Out for Views

After you have uploaded the explainer video you must be actively monitoring the views or in other words, look through the number of reaches. By reach we mean, reaching the right audience by keeping a check on the target demographics and also watching out for the total no of views and the percentage of it.

 YouTube Statistics

YouTube has more to it and not just videos. this high in click network  provides us data like –1) Viewer visit time spent on each of its videos. 2) Analyze content to the point where it needs attention as to why audience leave a page and stop going further with the video and 3) what it is about the video that is causing people to abandon the content and leave. You will probably learn on certain things like use of word or prolonged explainer video timing that is the reason for it.

Every Subscriber Counts

Are you paying heed to the subscriber's list? One should analyze the number of subscribers who are looking forward to more updates in your YouTube channel and check the most likable of them all. You can also view the complete list and also from which country they belong including their date of joining the subscriber’s list.

With these quality checks on the performance of your video upload, you will surely be making higher claims with the video returns and will be able to analyze the video statistics in a better manner.

Silver Bazel creates explainer videos in Delhi NCR that not only target your potential market but also captures mind with high recall power. The team involved has expertise of highlighting the key features of the promotional product. Have something to ask? Please e-mail at Contact +91 8881 380 380 to get an instant quote today.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Explainer Video Pitfalls to Avoid and Get Going

2017 brought into the forefront infographic showing 74 percent of all internet traffic, and already 55 percent of people watch videos online every day. This indicates on the need to pay heed to the core features that make an explainer video successful and not repeating the mistakes that we often overlook in the course of video making.

Things to Avoid while in the process of video making:-

1. Who are your Audience- We must keep into consideration the target audience of the promotional video and the ‘Who’ element that stands paramount and help in the decision making process. Videomakers tend to work on the ‘X’ factor of the corporate explainer video and neglecting the target audience who will be the actual consumers and might be interested on the product. 

Make it Interesting- The usual infographic used in videos can be boring at times and using the same over and over again can hamper the viewership to a greater extent. People will probably hate watching the same old stuff and would expect certain elements that make your business explainer video distinct from the rest. 

‘Call to Action’ Matters- Do we need a ‘Call to Action’  for your video is just unfair on your part as you will waste quality time spent on creating the video with so much effort. Not adding a ‘Call to Action’ can prove fatal. Many video production companies do not use the ‘Call to Action’ content like ‘E-mail us’, ‘Subscribe to Know More’ or ‘Visit our Website’ and therefore miss out on the potential clicks. 

Silver Bazel takes into note the essentials to use in the explainer video. They make videos along with interactive animation used at the right places along with catchy and ‘to the point’ texts. Silver Bazel has a team that makes it a point, that all important elements are added. The explainer video in Delhi NCR will have a voice over with concise and effective content and the animations that give life to the characters relevant to the video storyline. To know more or watch some of the videos in the portfolio section, visit at  or call at (+91) 8881 380 380. 

Email at for queries and suggestions.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Neem- The Herbal Remedy of All Ailments

“Azadirachta indica” is it’s biological name, to be precise is commonly known as “Neem”, an integral component sure to be found in the herbal medicines, skin treatment creams, beauty creams, soaps, face wash lotions and is believed to be the trusted source of treatment in Ayurveda. The neem tree itself is used to its fullest to treat bacterial and fungal diseases. 

Neem is used as medicine for centuries and is the best homemade remedy for treatment for skin infections, gastrointestinal diseases, dermatologic (skin) disorders, immune dysfunction, respiratory disease, parasites, inflammatory conditions, and infections by some bacteria, fungi, and virus. It has a long history that needs extensive amount of study to reveal the hidden secrets of Neem, the multipurpose herb acting as anti bacterial, anti parasitic, anti fungal, anti protozoal and anti viral. Neem as part of the Ayurveda blends with the modern life style. 

The Benefits

Neem is regarded as an herbal supplement today with more of the beauty product manufacturers taking heed of using it as one of the ingredient in the formulation that cures skin troubles and effective in fighting with germs. Grown abundantly in India and Sri Lanka, one Neem plant has over 100 pharmacologically active substances that have been identified and are used traditionally in each house.

Neem is considered as one of the best herb that is extremely beneficial in treating skin related problems. It is a herb that works as a powerful anti-microbial and anti bacterial agent that is very effective in treating any kind of infection penetrating the body. Neem is used in several herbal products today as it actively helps in supplying oxygen and nutrients to each and every part of the body, skin and hair. 

Not just the skin trouble that you might essentially relate to, neem is a multipurpose herb, which is recommended in every type of ailment. Following are the wonders of neem, which ayurveda has to offer to this world mingling with modern life styles. Neem is effective and is an active fighting agent against acne, eczema and even ringworms, it is recommended to be mixed with bathing water to leave healthy and glowing skin and used in the process of treating burn injuries, thus to protect from any kind of infection and also promotes healing.

Neem oil is extensively used in hair fall and early graying of hairs with very satisfying results. It also finds its application in dandruff and in lice growth treatment to stop re-occurrences as well. There are more and almost endless benefits of this useful herb acting as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, tonic, astringent and herb used in several medical formulations to help fight ailments of all sorts.

Neem in Herbal Products

The one herb that is always to be found in the herbal products range is Neem. Neem leaf extracts and neem leaf oil are used to manufacture neem shampoos along with other plants having therapeutic value. Medicated neem shampoos are prescribed by doctors to cure hair related problems. It is because of this reason that leading companies undertaking research work to produce quality neem hair and skin products are using this specialized herb as part of the expert formulation. Leading manufacturers all over the globe are using neem to produce high quality products. Neem tree and its parts act as an active ingredient in hair shampoos to strengthen hair from its very roots, to stop hair fall and to fight against dandruff. Herbal essential oils have high proportion of neem extracts in it to provide relaxation of mind and body.

 It is therefore worth a go and after reading this you will definitely resort to one or the other product made with preferably Azadirachta indica herb i.e. Neem, that has full proof solutions to all your skin, body and internal problems. The herb that is recognized in Ayurveda which is the year old proven system of traditional medicine and also finding its place in modern medical science, trusted by dermatologists, skin specialists and off course by your grand-mom.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

How to Grab User Attention to Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are great source of augmenting user attention to a considerable level. According to video analysts around the world “10 seconds are crucial for video engagement where the average recorded attention time is just 9 seconds.” Agreeing to this fact the statistics make us believe attention span of a person is getting short depending upon the tasks he is engaged to and off course on his interest level. This comes with a bang and can drift apart the lives of sales promotion executives across the globe.

45-90 Seconds are Enough

We must agree to the fact that the potential viewer can get engaged to any video for a short span of time. During this time what he would be looking at is something which is short and needs less time to concentrate. Keep your videos between the time duration for 45 to 90 seconds or else they can feel bored and will switch over midway. Highlight the key points and things that make you distinctive from other counterpart businesses.

A Grabbing Thumbnail

Thumbnail of the video is the image that will display before the video plays and It is mandatory to choose the thumbnail image wisely so as to influence readers to go for the play button and watch the video. The thumbnail image is reflective of what the video content is about and whether it is of any interest to the audience at large.

Silver Bazel knows what works for the marketing industry and therefore creates explainer videos that are concise, makes up for most of the important points and is the best representation of the company features. The team that works on the video has expertise to create really concise but effective videos for its clients. To get an instant quote call at (+91) 8881 380 380 or email at

You can visit the company website at

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Video Marketing –Is it working for you?

A recent survey reveals some amazing facts and the statistics have to say it all 90% marketers are using video in their campaigns and a corporate explainer video is the name behind the many increased conversion rates exceeding up to 80% when compared to the earlier stats. What we need is to assess correct promotional videos by putting into use right promotional strategies used in the accurate zones. It is the shaping of a strategy that works.

One suggestion would be either using promotional thumbnails that say much about the video through a little snapshot of the video in its thumbnail or at least a page that will work well when added as a thumbnail. The preview image can be the first frame of the explainer video or the frame where the company is introduced to the audience. A grabbing thumbnail with something amusing added in it can make all the difference.

Sometimes the preview image can also show short snippets of the entire video to give an idea on what the video is about. The world concentrates more upon the engagement factor and elements to add in company explainer video that will make your audience stay for long?

The product page is essential and is the core point where the explainer video call to action will be taken into consideration. It is a product that the user is keen to buy and is therefore referring to the video at the first place. A common marketing trend is to generate interest and a product is introduced best by highlighting not the basic but the essential attributes of best explainer videos.

Silver Bazel is clear in its approach when it comes to creation of explainer video in Delhi NCR with all aspects taken care off in the best possible manner. Check out the website to know more on the steps involved in the production of explainer videos, visit at Need an explainer video? Call us at +91 8881 380 380 and likewise email queries at
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