Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Video Marketing –Is it working for you?

A recent survey reveals some amazing facts and the statistics have to say it all 90% marketers are using video in their campaigns and a promotional explainer video is the name behind the many increased conversion rates exceeding up to 80% when compared to the earlier stats. What we need is to assess correct promotional videos by putting into use right promotional strategies used in the accurate zones. It is the shaping of a strategy that works.

One suggestion would be either using promotional thumbnails that say much about the video through a little snapshot of the video in its thumbnail or at least a page that will work well when added as a thumbnail. The preview image can be the first frame of the video or the frame where the company is introduced to the audience. A grabbing thumbnail with something amusing added in it can make all the difference.

Sometimes the preview image can also show short snippets of the entire video to give an idea on what the video is about. The world concentrates more upon the engagement factor and elements to add in video that will make your audience stay for long?

The product page is essential and is the core point where the video call to action will be taken into consideration. It is a product that the user is keen to buy and is therefore referring to the video at the first place. A common marketing trend is to generate interest and a product is introduced best by highlighting not the basic but the essential attributes of the same.

Silver Bazel is clear in its approach when it comes to creation of explainer video with all aspects taken care off in the best possible manner. Check out the website to know more on the steps involved in the production of explainer videos, visit at www.silverbazel.com. Need an explainer video? Call us at +91 8881 380 380 and likewise email queries at contact@silverbazel.com

Thursday, 21 September 2017

How to Create Corporate Explainer Videos?

The first step towards video making comes to the point of video production where you need to concentrate on the key elements based on which depends the success of the video. A meeting with the client to get the briefings, then discussing about how video creation team will be able to fulfill to the needs of the clients of what elements they would like to incorporate into the explainer video, the video length, the type of animation to be used, the colors, backgrounds, characters all should be taken into consideration at the preliminary stages itself.

Here are the steps that should be rightfully followed and are the elements towards successful creation of animated videos.
Research & Script

Corporate video production involves the crucial process of doing research on the topic on which the video is based and more on preparing the project questionnaire and getting all those answers through conference calls. Then the script writer is told to come-up with a viable script and instructs him or her to come up with a story-line or keep it generic for the audience.


There are VO artist available who will give the video the flow it needs in the form of a relevant story line covering a wide range of accents and languages to be incorporated into an explainer video. The intonation and modulation of the voice over, recorded in a professional studio, will be according to your precise instructions. We offer 2-3 takes from the artist based on the project requirements, so it is convenient for you to choose the best option and we’ll not be able to allow any revisions at this stage apart from technical errors. We take 2-3 business days to deliver the voice-over for your review.

Character Design & Storyboard

We first design the character for story based videos and send you for approval. Once the character is finalized we start working on the storyboard, which is a visual presentation giving you a glimpse of your final corporate video, through illustrations of consecutive shots with detailed description of action and movement. It includes computer generated graphic, or colored theme shot which gives you the visual representation of how your corporate video is going to look like in the end. We generally take 5-7 working days to deliver the first version and we allow two revisions at this stage.

Graphic & Animation

The most demanding and work-intensive stage of the process, it’s here that we bring your video to life. Final graphics are created based on your approved storyboard and animated along with accompanying voice over and background music.

With Silver Bazel there is little scope to get laid back with the production of a video. The company makes sure there are much needed interactive elements in the video and a certain level of detailing to make the video self-explanatory in nature.  To know more on how explainer videos are created or to watch some of the explainer videos at Silver Bazel, visit at www.silverbazel.com.

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Friday, 25 August 2017

Whiteboard Animation – A Distinct Style for Better Acclaim

Whiteboard animation can be defined as one that uses a whiteboard and the simple technique of sketching things out through animation that sets the movement of the palm of an arm that does the sketching and writing. Whiteboard are usually in the combination of white and black and it is one rare occasion or out of requirement of client that color may be used in it. In such a case it should not be called a whiteboard anymore. Whiteboard animations have been gaining acclaim lately with certain features that make them distinct from the rest. Have a look at the essential traits given below:-

Mix Animation Styles

It is so easy to mix different methods of animation in a whiteboard video. While you are doing the sketching part you can add any piece of infographic that could be integrated into a doodle sequence of cartoon drawings, allowing you to not just draw the viewer’s attention, but also to convey lots of diverse information in different ways.

Descriptive in Nature 

Do you need to add a lot but want it in a video? Whiteboard animation is one that provides ample opportunities to describe the topic in details and present with detailed infographic that goes in beautifully when merged together in whiteboard animation. Since whiteboard reminds of school and learning institutes therefore it becomes quite logical to have details which can be animated and presented accordingly.

Explain Intangible Products and Services

A video is not just about the things you cannot explain otherwise but also for things that are not visual for instance a service offering by a leading conglomerate. By conjuring up a set of images to explain a process or service, this medium can make things far easier to understand. It is because of this that many virtual service start-ups use whiteboard animation to explain their offer.

Need that distinct element in your whiteboard animation with styles as mentioned above; Silver Bazel will be the ideal choice for you. With a team that excels in every field of animation and content, you will never look back. Contact Silver Bazel at +91 8881 380 380 or likewise email queries at contact@silverbazel.com.

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Top Three Animated Movies with VFX in it

The FICCI KPMG 2015 report of the year 2014 give value to the concept of VFX which was at its highest at 22 percent and adding to it was the post-production at 15 percent, animation production at 9 percent and the services that contribute was 1 percent. These stats are ever since showing a rise in the value of VFX grows the highest at 22 per cent. VFX uses the concept of CGI which is used to create something out of the extraordinary for the audience to witness and bring to life through motion graphics.

The next in bandwagon of amazing animated movies that we remember of all times are enumerated below:-

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Two characters Gandalf and Aragorn lead the World of Men against Sauron's army to draw his gaze from Frodo and Sam as they approach Mount Doom with the One Ring. It is a movie that uses VFX animation to a larger extent and made it the most loved motion picture of all times. Two hundred and sixty visual effects artists worked on the trilogy.

King Kong

A movie crew, travelling to a mysterious island to shoot their picture, encounters a furious gorilla, taking their leading actress and forming a special relationship with her, protecting her at all costs. The 1933 King Kong was a stop-motion marvel that relied on tiny, articulating models to bring the monster and an island full of dinosaurs to life. The first Kong was modeled after real-life gorillas, but with some of the animal’s more exaggerated features stripped down.

The Avengers

Earth's mightiest heroes must come together and learn to fight as a team if they are to stop the mischievous Loki and his alien army from enslaving humanity. Saying that the company uses ILM Zeno for modeling, Maya for animation, and — for the most part — Pixar Renderman for rendering. The textures of all the buildings in the animated version of New York City were created using about 1,800 panoramas of real city buildings.

Such are the effects of great artistry achieved through VFX done with perfection in it which made the conceptualized movies a hit. You can learn the artistic skill at Reliance Education Noida.

Reliance Education, an animation institute in Delhi NCR carefully designs a course structure teaching Autodesk 3DS Max which is used for architectural pre-visualization, Autodesk Maya used for training aspirants in creating animation movies, gaming, commercial advertisements for T.V, Z-Brush for 3D digital sculpting, Houdini for 3D particles & dynamics, Mari for advanced learning of ED texturing & painting and Speedtree which is used for environmental 3D modeling.

For a more detailed overview of the course structure and to join Reliance Education for a flourishing career in 3D animation, contact Reliance Education and give a call at 888-2400–800 or email at relianceaimsnoida@gmail.com . Visit the website at www.animationinstitute.net

Friday, 14 July 2017

Essential Traits of an Interactive Explainer Video

In need of an explainer video? There are so many to choose from and you can actually get perplexed on your choice of which one to look at and then finalizing and adapting one idea that really sticks. You can’t be wrong but yes you can lag behind and might not lead the crowd. It is important here to note what will make your explainer video stand out and make it more interactive. Here are some essential traits to share:-

Scour the Internet

It will be wise to look online and take valuable references and gather some idealistic versions that can retaliate more on real life issues which will eventually act as the source to connect audience and keep them engaged for the entire part of the video as it plays till the end. It’s what any explainer video should do.

Are you adding the right Motion graphics?

The motion graphic you use should very well fit in with the story line and you much pay heed to it to avoid going off-track and drift from the actual promotion that you intend to do. Some explainer videos enhance the performance of the video with the use of kinetic typography and motion graphic, plus the consistently smooth background music, helps viewers focus more on the content of the video.

A Laid Back Look can do Wonders

Sometimes being laid back works and we are referring to the real groovy versions with casual-tone script and laid-back voice-over make for a light video that’s still compelling to watch.

With Silver Bazel there is little scope to get laid back with the production of a video. The company makes sure there are much needed interactive elements in the video and a certain level of detailing to make the video self-explanatory in nature.  To know more on how explainer videos are created or to watch some of the explainer videos at Silver Bazel, visit at www.silverbazel.com

Interested in Explainer videos call us at +91 8881 380 380 and likewise you can email queries at contact@silverbazel.com

Thursday, 13 July 2017

VFX Courses – Some Key Points to Note before Enrolling

An industry which is making prolific claims of capturing most of the audience attention is the world of VFX that we are talking about. Be it duck tales or the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes where the creator, Weta's digital CG creatures stole the show in this 2014 sequel and also movies like Pacific Rim where the director Guillermo del Toro brought us some robots to dominate the show reel and Alfonso CuarĂ³n created event cinema through VFX in Gravity. With so much visual resource in the repository, we have more to learn and grasp. VFX is regarded as one of the most aspiring fields in animation. At first, the animator should get a preview or rough overview of the story, through sample drawings in pencil which is created on papers.

What is the Foundation Level Course in VFX?

Animation institutes rely on the fact that an intensive career in VFX will help build up a sound foundation starting from the basic, then going into pre-production, production and post production course levels. In short, taking up all core concepts of VFX within these cycles. This is the foundation level which can be continued further to go into the intermediate and finally the advanced level in VFX learning.

What is Crowd Simulator?

Crowd simulator is used in VFX to create large crowds in minutes instead of making a crowd gather for a sequence. This is done through this unique tool which is extensively used by the movie and can likewise be done to show crowds in events, scenes showing music jamming, cricket match, battle zones, racing events and more. It is will save money and energy otherwise used to convince and control a large crowd.

What is the Course Structure offered by Institutes?

Animation institutes have a course structure which is carefully planned to shape the overall career of an aspirant of VFX. There is a carefully planned a triple animation course in VFX with in-depth mentoring in sketch essentials, Pre-Production, creating images, animating the images after the sketching. There is a modern visuals suite in the VFX animation course for the students to work on VFX Chroma keying, VFX Roto and Paint, VFX match moving, audio and video editing.  The students get to work on the dynamics of the VFX workflow.

Reliance Education is the only resort to quality education and knowledge in VFX courses in Noida. It imparts both creative and technical skills to the students enrolled for the VFX courses. Join reliance education for a successive career in animation. Contact the councilors of Reliance Education at 888 - 2400 – 800 or e-mail at relianceaimsnoida@gmail.com.

Visit http://www.animationinstitute.net/ for more details on VFX and other animation courses. 

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Explainer Video Performance- Are you aware of it?

How do you measure a video’s performance? After you upload your explainer video in YouTube or other channels the next important thing is to make certain how well your video is doing on the charts and how well it reflects user interaction to the optimum level.

The person, who uploads the explainer video, needs to gather information from the statistics available on the performance of the video. Based on that information you should optimize your video both the past and future ones.

Audience Reach

Watching out for the views is the first and foremost thing to do after you have successfully uploaded your video. By reach we mean, reaching the right audience by keeping a check on the target demographics and also watching out for the total no of views and the percentage of it.

The YouTube Graph

The graph that YouTube provides relay to us data like –1) When the viewer drops off at which section. 2) Analyze the content like what exactly is making the audience leave your video midway and 3) what it is about the video that is causing people to abandon the content and leave. You will probably learn on certain things like use of word or prolonged video timing that is the reason for it.

The Subscriber’s Count

The person posting the video should analyze it with regard to the number of subscribers who are looking forward to more updates in your YouTube channel and check the most likable of them all. You can also view the complete list and also from which country they belong including their date of joining the subscriber’s list.  

With these quality checks on the performance of your video upload, you will surely be making higher claims with the video returns and will be able to analyze the video statistics in a better manner.

Silver Bazel is your resort to captivating explainer videos targeting your potential market. The team involved has expertise of highlighting the key features of the promotional product. Have something to ask? Please e-mail at contact@silverbazel.com. Contact +91 8881 380 380 to get an instant quote today.
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