Monday, 20 March 2017

5 Simple Stain Removing DIYs

Have you ever imagined why we are so much keen on keeping our Facebook profiles intact with recent photographs and status updates? With each passing time, we are becoming more and more self-conscious on the way we look, the clothes we wear and the gadgets we own. We are always competing with others, in an urge to supersede them in every way possible. We have become socially aware of the things; we need the most which will set a standard for ourselves. In our attempt to be the best, we are also getting brand conscious and go for expensive clothing and fashion accessories. We become super-possessive of the clothes we wear and stains become a concern. We can try some DIYs that can serve fruitful and give us satisfactory results.

Stain Removal DIYs

If we go down memory lane, we can think of our grandmothers getting busy with many types of DIYs like making a rug out of rags,  photoframes with cardboard and mufflers out of left over wool. With changing times, we became more acquainted with ready made home decor items and fancy rugs available in the market. DIY or 'Do It Yourself' tasks are more of an adventure to many but not when it comes to stain removal. 

Here are five simple DIYs to remove stains from clothes:-

1. Salt and Alcohol- Alcohol is not just for drinking, it can also be a part of your DIY to remove grease and oil stains. A perfect concoction of salt and alcohol in a ratio of 1:4, can work as a homemade stain remover.

2. White Vinegar for Stain Removal– Half a cup of Vinegar will be enough for rinsing clothes in your washing machine. This DIY works well to make the clothes look brighter after the wash. It will also work on perfume stains visible under the armpits. 

3. Soda Water on Stains- Soda water prevents stains at the first place. Just take some of it from the bottle and pour over the spill. It will help loosen the stain, which will not settle down over the fabric. Later on give a good wash to the clothing to see the final outcome.

4. Electric Iron for Wax Stain Removal- Ironing off wax stains is a great DIY that you can try. Just cover the wax stains with paper towels and iron it over to let the wax melt on its own. So the next time you stick candles on furniture or railings, need not worry of the stains as it will go away with this DIY.

5. Lemon on Whites- Lemon is best known for its efficacy to remove stains on your precious white clothing. You just need to squeeze out a few drops of lemon directly over the stain, leave it for some time before putting into the washing machine.

All these DIYs can help fight off stains and you can try them as remedial measures. For quick and good results, follow these easy to do DIYs stain before the usual washing. 

Friday, 5 August 2016

How to Curtail Suicidal Tendencies?

Teenagers of today are more prone to suicidal tendencies which could happen as a result of growing rate of stress, lower confidence level, financial crises, guilt feelings, alcohol or drug addiction. Adding more to it are physical illness, mental illnesses, family problems, circumstances arising out of recklessness, tension, loss of appetite, self-injury, aggression, behavioral changes leading to a total personality transformation. It has been seen that greater amount of inferiority complexes and fatigue can directly or indirectly encourage suicidal actions. It is happening at an alarmingly increased rate, every minute and every second. For some teenagers, divorce of parents, parents getting re-married and the presence of step-parents and step-siblings and the inability to adjust with them can lead to suicidal acts for the person unable to cope with situations like these. Sad demise of a loved one, separation, rejection, failure, ignorance and loneliness can aggravate suicidal tendencies to a larger extent. 

The question now stands out to be is, how to get out of such situations in order to curtail suicidal tendencies. Often ignorance leads to tragic events such as suicidal death as working parents have less time for their teenager kids or kids have fewer friends to communicate with. This ignorance drifts teenagers from their parents or can make them less interactive with friends and who as a possible consequence of it, go into a depression and attempt suicides. The solution is to devote time and in such a case, parents should take some time out of their busy schedules, if not everyday then at least on the weekends to spend with their kids and encourage them to make friends or join any recreational class. Parents can take them out to dine in order to cheer them up. The point is to keep a note of the child’s behavior.

Suicide is directly related to depression and suicidal tendencies arise, out of a depressed state of mind but what is worth noting here is that depression may not mean that a person has suicidal tendencies but a prolonged state of depression can off course lead to aloofness, loss of appetite, irrational attitudes and stress leading to the urge of ending one’s own life. It’s therefore time to act fast to combat depression. Communication is what is required the most. Proper counseling is a necessity here. 

Depression and suicidal feelings are treatable mental disorders but it entirely depends on individual efforts. The symptoms should be identified, diagnosed and rectified as early as possible thereby curtailing suicidal tendencies with appropriate and developed treatment plans. If you’re a teen coping up with depression or if you know a teen who may be depressed it is important to let them know you care and to get them help as soon as possible. Psychotherapy and medication through herbal capsules can be prescribed under clinical supervision. Alternative therapies to curtail suicidal acts can also be undertaken after prior research and consultation. These therapies involve Acupuncture, Acupressure, and Reflexology.

Self remedy can help too. This does not mean that a teenager with suicidal feelings have to cope up with the ongoing pain all by himself or herself. Self remedy means, to go for the solution yourself by communicating about your trauma or pain with someone who is willing to talk to you and off course to a person whom you can trust. Talk about what you are going through and it is something that needs attention as you are serious about committing suicide. You will have to attempt yourself to mend things out and this is how you can go about with self remedy to curtail suicidal acts. We must remember that there is nothing that is incurable and it’s just a matter of identifying it and getting relief from the pain that compels a person to end his or her precious life. For more help on this visit .

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Integrated E-commerce Solutions- Can you ask for more?

E-commerce solutions available with most leading providers are not just creating an online store with a product portfolio given to it, or having a shopping cart software with most modern systems. New age shopping carts are emerging with features that will help integrate with loads of other functionalities and e-commerce solutions available. This will in turn play a major role in profit generation.

A friend of mine wanted it the way most modern systems claim to have it in them. They were offering more than just a shopping cart or limited e-commerce solutions. There had the most sophisticated e-store builder wizard or templates to change the look and feel of the entire store for a more corporate feel. Templates renamed as custom templates have highly customizable features and a real interactive experience with built in WYSIWYG HTML editor with just a handful of codes to insert and you are ready to go with the changed version of your e-store  and shopping cart provided. 

E-commerce solutions also have custom CMS control, page text setting, adding own page, website logo setting in text and graphic presentations and more to follow in it. Modern e-commerce solutions involve invoice logo setting with the dimension given for the graphic display of the same. In addition, users can get to work with customized texts on webpages of the new online e-store created.
The e-commerce administration of the create online store integrating with e-commerce solutions must stand at par as it is the most important area that is remarkable with features. The features are altogether very beneficial for e-businessmen. E-commerce solutions must have integrated features and Admin user registration to add, edit and search criteria option.

E-commerce solution with the design element in it is one thing many e-commerce systems are competing today. The designing is not limited to just applying a theme or adding graphic or image to a page and integrating with a shopping cart ecommerce solutions, there is more expected and e-commerce solutions now come with Logo designing representing the company and adds to the distinct recognition of the company. This involves much of a professional design given to the logo made by professionals. E-commerce solutions are now offering large pool of template designs, home page design being the very core of webpage designing, button designing and page heading designs. Highly professional services for graphic designing and flash animation are offered for a more interactive experience when browsing e-stores.

Next is to look into SEO for the e-store, a very important aspect and a mere folly, can make things bad for the webmaster. For a website rich with features but unfortunately not known by many and not land up in search results is nothing more than a waste of genius work and hardly any visitor to the website. Therefore, search engine optimization for the stores created is necessary today. Professional help must be there as optimization includes traffic trend analysis, keyword generation based on that and Meta tags and description for the website and periodic notification and reporting of important modifications. More involved in today’s e-commerce solutions offered and regarded integral in optimization of a website, is E-mail marketing and the viral marketing  and social media optimization strategies working out and implemented at the right time. More that can be featured in the e-store can be advanced newsletter services with experts working it out with a comprehensive search for an e-store.

You can therefore be rest assured of getting more and accessing various applications that can add a feather to the e-commerce solutions already running for you, for your business to succeed and bring good business and better results. 

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Friday, 25 March 2016

Teen Crimes
The world’s changing, making advancements in all spheres with more and more opportunities waiting for us but what happens when it has to deal with growing criminal activities and that too among teens? We have access to incredible technology but what about our society that is giving birth to criminal elements. The level of crime that we face is lower than it has been in 30 years but its rising; crime rates are still too high. We will have to identify the causes leading to teen crimes and try finding a solution to if not end but stop it to some extent. Teenagers of today are prone to many ills like alcoholism and drugs creating situations for crime to be committed whether intentionally or accidentally. 

  • Teens are Victims of Miscommunication: Lack of communication and awareness can provoke our youth to undertake criminal acts. It’s their unawareness that seems to lend themselves to dangerous, criminal situations. Inexperience and fear keep teenagers from reporting crime, and unreported crimes often lead to cycles of revenge and further victimization.

  • Alcoholism: Alcohol intake can lead to crimes. We frequently hear about people getting run over by speeding vehicles and a good percentage of accidents happen due to rash driving by Teens who get drunk and then have the guts to be on the wheels.  

  • Drug Addiction: Addiction to drugs can create similar situations as those mentioned above and is the biggest curse to society today. A gradual stop to drugs consumption can eventually stop teen crimes.

  • Family Background: Often upbringing plays its part in building up a teen’s future. Family background and parent’s attitude towards life can bring about a change. Many observations and studies reveal that some teenagers live in situations where violence and crime are ordinary occurrences, especially in the lower strata of society where parents get indulged in violent acts like beating and trashing that even ends up in killings and which in turn effects their teenage children compelling them to spend more time outside and hence developing vicious criminal tendencies due to hatred towards their family and the society as well.


  • Education: We will have to educate ourselves to be able to differentiate to what is right or wrong. Knowing facts about crime, understanding the law, getting aware of the consequences that it can lead to and the risk factors can help us prevent it to some extent. Discouraging crime at the lowest level can stop the cycle before it escalates into rape or homicide.

  • Avoid Situation Leading to Crimes: A teenager can try to avoid situation leading to crimes. It has been noted that due to momentary aggregation teens might get involved in crimes that they don’t intend to commit. A majority of them feel guilty to the criminal activities committed. A teenage mind is curious and can get lured up by criminal groups or other anti social elements that exploit young teenage minds to the extent of spoiling there bright future. Avoiding situations like these by communicating and getting adequate just advice is what is required to help teenagers to come out of bad company with criminal tendencies.

  • Parents can help: It is noted that family backgrounds have a got a role to play in building up a child’s future. They can keep a watch on kid’s activities on what they are getting into and in case of trouble, help them find possible solutions. Parents can even avoid situation where they themselves show aggression and take part in violent acts at home. They just need to understand the fact that children learn from their parents and in cases where they are witness to parental aggression and violence teens can end up being criminals.

  • Understanding Law: Teenagers need to get aware of the crime risks they face, understand laws and law-enforcement practices and work with their community members. Teaching teens to manage their anger in non-violent ways will encourage them to avoid criminal activities.

  • Counselling: We can take help from friends and adults leaders to learn the facts about crime and violence and ways to prevent it. Getting involved in service-learning projects will benefit our community and can in turn help teenagers. can help you out in many ways in situations leading to teen crimes. Visit link and for other teen related problems dial toll free helpline numbers accessible through this link itself.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Herbal Care for you

Herbal care is probably what your grand mom insists you to do and asks your mom to take care of it to provide you with homemade face packs and scrubs and remedies for dry lips and lifeless hair. The herbal homemade remedies had the power to fight against aliments but preparing them now is a time consuming process and for which we hardly have any of the time left. To this lies just one possibility to buy products having exactly what our grandma preferred. If we date back to a few years we would have thought it to be something that is hardly expected especially to what we get at the retail stores with huge brand names before the products, all of which promised to be merrier for our skin and making it trouble free for us. But they hardly did what they promised with more of the chemicals to harm us. So herbal is what a person clings onto these days for total skin, lip and hair care.

Herbal Skin Care

The Egyptians believed on the herbal thing specially to meet skin needs with roses, fenugreek and what not for a beautiful complexion and all time skin protection. Herbal Skin Care can cleanse, moisturize, protect and repair the skin making it free from all sorts of allergies, infections, dryness, dullness and other ailments. Whether it is botanical oils, lavender soap for cleansing or the natural skin toners with herbal primrose and borage oils to restore skin essential oils or the most essential sun block creams with plant extracts to provide complete skin protection and total care, they have the essentials required for the skin to glow from within. The most beneficial thing about the herbal care is that it works on almost all skin types which is nothing new to us but at the same time works well on sensitive skin types.

High quality herbal skin care products contain active natural ingredients taken from herbs and combined with other natural active ingredients. These are highly beneficial for dry and itchy skin with an effective herbal treatment for the skin will contain natural plant oils to penetrate deeply into the dermal tissues to heal.

Herbal Lip Care

Do the herbal lip care with Aloe Vera to soothe cracked and dry lips and to get rid of painful cold sores and fever blisters. Most of the herbal products have the most necessary component with extracts of Apricot, Jojoba oil, Castor Oil, Camphor, Golden Seal, Icelandis Moss, Jojoba Oil, Menthol and/or Squalane. Herbal products are the safest bet in this category.

Herbal Hair Care

We can also explore the natural hair care secrets that the natural herbal supplements and the Nutritional Health Vitamin Supplements has to offer for a more natural hair nourishment for hair to get strong, long in length and retaining within, the shine that is desired. Herbal hair products have natural ingredients that also are beneficial in helping to regrow hair. Herbal shampoos and conditioners are gentle, organic, environmental friendly, safe and are made from herbal extracts.

It is beneficial to know about more herbal supplements that enhance beauty naturally with no apprehensions rising up as it is often the scenario with non-herbal products with chemicals in it. Synthetic chemical to be precise to say may or may not suit certain skin types and can at times work adversely to harm the skin and other essential features of the body and hair.

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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Drug Abuse- An Obstacle to Teen Growth

Drug abuse among young teenagers is quite common leaving us to conclude as to how harmful it is for our teen’s hence putting teen lives into a stand still. Estimates show that larger proportions of deaths in people happen between the age groups of 15 and 24 reportedly caused by drug or alcohol abuse. Drug abuse is the act of consuming excessive unlicensed or un-prescribed drugs due to depressed mental states, loneliness, problems with spouse, stress, insecurity, failure in other odd situations in life. It is basically a source that is often thought to be the one letting us out of problems that we face, it is a type of escapism but is it helping us really? No, that is a myth.  Some try it for fun just as there friends do without getting aware of the fact that Drug use is not for amusement, it creates problems that can only worsen conditions.

Drug abuse can ruin a teenager’s life by leaving him or her into pitiable conditions because of severe health problems and addiction. Drugs that are mostly consumed today to the extent of abusing are Cocaine, Marijuana, Anabolic steroids, inhalants and many more. Drugs that are swallowed or snorted, can energize the nervous system and the body gets energetic for the time being but makes a person psychologically addictive and once stopped can disturb mental well being that compels re-intake of the drug. Cocaine injection and inhalations can create hallucinating effects. It affects the central nervous system and causes restlessness, sweating, heart problems and fluctuating blood pressure levels. Drug Inhalants can lead to impairment of sensory organs, bleeding of nose as these are abused substances to cause severe toxic reactions and infections and death. By far there are short term effects to it like depression along with the long terms like bacterial infections, infectious heart lining and rheumatologic defects.

Parents can keep a check on teen behaviors as there are observable warning signals. If your child fares badly in exams, remains detached from friends and family and has physical indications like red eyes, cough, and changes in eating and sleeping habits then it time for you to get suspicious and pay attention and find relevant solutions to it. Getting the best drug treatment for the teen in question is of paramount importance to those that care for him or her. And that is what is ought to be done, first hand, to help free your child from the clutches of drug abuse that leads to permanent growth disorders in teens who start drug intake at an adolescent age that can crush an individuals emotional, spiritual, and physical health, ruining every aspect of their life and a ripe future can end at an early teen age.

 For full support on this visit  .

Monday, 15 February 2016

The Princess Project Giveaway for Free Prom Dresses

Are you aware of the giveaways? Yes, there are online sources offering free evening prom dresses, evening gowns and more to add up to your expectation. The  princess project is one fullfing to demands of those who have dreams for Prom and like to wear their dream dress.

The Princess Project organizes Giveaways and offers prom short dresses to the many happy faces. The Silicon Valley project is a 100% volunteer organization ready to help prom gown seekers. The Princess Project Silicon Valley (PPSV) has been into this project since 2006 to help financially challenged high school students to still make it big for Prom. The evening gowns are available in all regular and XL sizes with separate sections on display.

The PPSV project has already served 3000 girls in a single year in 2012. All you need is your high school ID of a high school situated in the Silicon Valley community. The organization also welcomes volunteers to guide the girls in their choice of their fabulous prom gown and accessories. All High school girls from San Mateo to Hollister are invited to get evening prom dresses and evening gown for free. Dresses are available in sheer styles and overall embellishments on dresses. The tutu style dresses with layered short skirts are available in huge numbers in specific sizes. The availability of the dresses is based on first come first serve with a volunteer to help and guide. The 2016 stock of dresses is yet to arrive and this goes for all probable prom goers. So stay tuned for the latest new arrivals.

These giveaways are proving real saviors in today’s hard life when saving bucks becomes very essential. Go to these giveaway destinations mentioned above and make your dreams come true with prom short dresses accumulated for good. Likewise, Milanoformals also lets you locate shops near you that sell discount unused short prom dresses. You can browse for the favorite dress you most likely want to wear to Prom, and locate it then and there. The website also welcomes wholesalers and retailer to come and join the website that will help them get their most probable customers. can also get you going with an affordable option with a new dress absolutely made for you. Visit for more information pertaining to prom dress buying. 

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